Northwest Poets' Concord

Northwest Poets' Concord

The Northwest Poets' Concord convenes at the Hallmark Inn and Resort in Newport, Oregon.
 This year the meeting is May 2 - 4, 2014.
 The Hallmark is at 744 S. Elizabeth St., Newport. If you are coming in on Rt. 20, just continue to go straight when you reach Hwy. 101.  Keep going west on (now) Olive St. to Elizabeth St., which runs along the Pacific Ocean, heading south from Olive. Turn left on Elizabeth St. when you reach the ocean (actually, just past the Performing Arts Center the road seems to dogleg to the left--that's it; take it). The Hallmark is on Elizabeth St. and is highly visible on the right.  It is right next to Georgie's Restaurant, which has an orange sign.

 Here's a map.


Dear friends of the Northwest Poets’ Concord:

The 2014 Concord, our sixth annual event, will be held from May 2 - 4, 2014 at the Hallmark Inn in Newport, Oregon. This year’s sponsors include the Oregon Poetry Association, private donors, and Writers on the Edge, which is the parent non-profit organization for the Concord. The program comprises fifty poets in workshops, presentations, and readings, with a Book Fair on Saturday. This year’s “Concord,” an anthology of work from last year’s event, will be available.

Everyone needs to preregister for the conference. Please send a check made out to Poets’ Concord for $75 to P.O. Box 85, Seal Rock, OR 97376. Registration will be limited to 120 participants. When you register for the Concord if you would like to submit a poem for the Concord Poetry Contest, send fewer than 41 lines, any form, with Concord Poetry Contest and your name in the subject line, to by April 1, 2014. Registrants only are eligible. Names are removed from poems for the judging by a prominent Oregon poet, and there is a small cash prize, along with honor and publication in the anthology, for the winner.

We are available as NORTHWEST POETS’ CONCORD on Facebook, and I will post the schedule there. You may also find us at, where you will see the schedule and registration information.

If you would like to stay at the Hallmark, please call them at 1-888-448-4449 and mention the Concord for a reduced room rate. The rate will be $104 for a queen room; the normal rate is $169. Your registration fee includes beverages and snacks during the conference and a splendid full breakfast on both Saturday and Sunday. Rooms are also available at the Sylvia Beach Hotel, within walking distance of the Hallmark for most, at their regular rates at or 1-888-795-8422.

Here is the Concord program for 2014:



ROOM A: Jana Zvibleman, Three Poems Walked into a Bar: The Art of Humor in Poetry (WS)

ROOM B: Jim Benton, Creations that Create: Analytic and Generative Possibilities of Poetic Constraint (WS)



ROOM A: Ellen Waterston, The Verse Novel (WS)

ROOM B: New book readings: Jenny Root, Linda Varsell Smith, Dawn Diez Willis, Michael Hanner, Sue Parman, Jim McCobb. Moderator: Dorothy Blackcrow Mack

OFFICER’S MESS: Sue Fagalde Lick, Scents and Sensations: Smell It, Touch It, Write It (WS)



6:15-7:30 OPEN MIC, Georgie’s Sunset Lounge. No-host bar and snacks, moderated by Dorothy Blackcrow Mack.



ROOM A: Bill Siverly, The Possibilities for Invented Form in an Era of Free Verse

ROOM B: Rachel Barton & Jerri Elliott Otto, Jumpstart, Leapfrog, and Piggyback—A Poetry Workshop (WS)


ROOM A: Penelope Scambly Schott, Taboo Subjects: What Will People Think If I Write about THAT? (WS)

ROOM B: Willa Schneberg, Writing the Persona Poem (WS)


ROOM A and ROOM B: Barbara Drake, Bette Husted, Ursula Le Guin, Caroline Le Guin, Molly Gloss, Kari Easton, Jeannette Cappella, and Noel Hanlon, Producing a High Quality Poetry Group Chapbook

LUNCH BREAK on your own



ROOM A: Stephanie Lenox, Prose Poetry: A Form at the Margins

ROOM B: G.L. Morrison, Dissecting the Sacred: creating new poetry out of old (WS)


ROOM A: A. Molotkov & J. S. Williams, Writing the Short Poem (WS)

ROOM B: Eleanor Berry & Katie Eberhart, Convergence of Visions: A Dialogue in Poems


ROOM A: Linda Varsell Smith, Wordplayful: Playing Around with Forms  

ROOM B: Readings from new books: Katie Eberhart, Don Colburn, Willa Schneberg, A. Molotkov, John Sibley Williams, Amanda Powell. Mod. Sue Fagalde Lick

OFFICERS’ MESS: Clem Starck, “Getting it Straight,” performance


OPEN MIC AND NO-HOST BAR with snacks, Georgie’s Sunset Room, moderated by Julius Jortner



ROOM A: Jill Gibian, Amalia Gladhart, Priscilla Hunter, Poetry from Another World: Finding the Right Words

OFFICERS’ MESS: Sallie Ehrman, Cut-up Poetry (WS)


ROOM A : Willa Schneberg, How to Publish the Full-Length Poetry Manuscript

ROOM B: Carol Barrett & Sarah Sargent, Fire and Brimstone: Poetry in Ascendance from Cultural Trauma (WS)


ROOM A: Sue Parman, A Theory of Poetry

ROOM B: Readings from new books: Ellen Waterston, Annie Lighthart, John Noland, Penelope Schott, Ruth F. Harrison, G.L. Morrison. Mod. Cynthia Jacobi

12 Last run through Book Fair & adjournment

As always, we appreciate your enthusiastic support,

Sandy Ellston and the Concord Board: Cynthia Jacobi, Sue Fagalde Lick, Dorothy Blackcrow Mack, Julius Jortner, Crystal McGuire, Shirley Plummer, and Ruth F. Harrison


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